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Henry Ford Museum Trip

On Saturday, April 28th 2007 members from DeLorean Motor City and DeLorean Club of Ohio visited the Henry Ford Museum. We all parked together for an impromptu car show and attracted a lot of spectators who were checking out & complimenting our cars.

Scroll down to see pics from that day!


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When the Back to the Future film came out in 1985, featuring De Lorean's namesake car, De Lorean wrote a letter to Bob Gale, thanking him for immortalizing the car in the film. The letter can be seen in the special features of the Back to the Future DVD release.

Henry Ford Museum Trip

We arrived early Saturday morning. The skies were cloudy at first but cleared up for a sunny day.

DeLoreans are a unique ride; here's another - the famous Oscar Mayer WienerMobile!

A bicycle built for ten. Byron is ready to go...

Everyone pile into the classic Overland for a ride. A little more seating capacity than a DeLorean.

One of John Z. De Lorean's other famous creations, the GTO. Power indeed!

As the sign says, we are headed TO THE FUTURE...

...and we arrive at the amazing Dymaxion House of 1946. Like De Lorean, R. Buckminster Fuller was a technical genius that was considered a crackpot by some. Our black-and-white host family was happy to have us visit.

Everyone had a great time hanging out and talking to people about our DeLoreans.





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